Our consortium of 12 research labs across 4 universities investigates the neural basis of attention using a diverse array of brain measurement methods, from single cell recording to whole brain imaging. Our goal is to better understand how to foster attentional ability in normally functioning brains, as well as in brains in which attentional systems are damaged or in need of repair.


Neurophysiological effects of attention on multi-unit patterns and rates of neural firing.

Aim 1


The relationship of attention to working memory.

Aim 2

Large-scale cortical dynamics of attention.

Aim 3

Create unified micro- and macroscopic model of attentional processing.

Aim 4


If you're looking for more technical descriptions of our work, take a look at our publications, including our latest:

Heusser AC, Ziman K, Owen LW, Manning JR (2017). HyperTools: a Python toolbox for visualizing and manipulating high-dimensional data. arXiv: 1701.08290.