It improves the productivity of workers, affects the safety of roads and drivers, and impacts the vigilance of military and security personnel. But how does it work?

Our consortium of 12 research labs across 4 universities is committed to the following goals.

Research: Develop a unified model of attention that applies across multiple domains, from single cells to large brain circuits.

Collaboration: Develop a lasting partnership amongst the four institutions: Dartmouth College, Brown University, Montana State University and University of Nevada at Reno.

Higher Education: Increase the attractiveness of our graduate programs to potential new students.

Inclusion: Increase the diversity of under-represented populations participating in our field.

Education Outreach: Help deliver educational programs to our communities.

Industry: Create new economic opportunities in our state based on our research.



We are seeking collaborative and dedicated neuroscience graduate students to join our team. 


Funding information:

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