National Institutes of Health (NIH) - The BRAIN Initiative® 

The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® (BRAIN) Initiative is aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain. By accelerating the development and application of innovative technologies, researchers will be able to produce a revolutionary new dynamic picture of the brain that, for the first time, shows how individual cells and complex neural circuits interact in both time and space. Long desired by researchers seeking new ways to treat, cure, and even prevent brain disorders, this picture will fill major gaps in our current knowledge and provide unprecedented opportunities for exploring exactly how the brain enables the human body to record, process, utilize, store, and retrieve vast quantities of information, all at the speed of thought.

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National Science Foundation (NSF) - Understanding the Brain

"BRAIN: Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies: The BRAIN Initiative extends beyond the mapping of the brain and bridges scales that span from atoms to thoughts and behavior, linking what is known about single cells and subcellular activities in the brain to whole brain function leading to complex behavior. This initiative holds great promise for addressing fundamental neurobiological questions about healthy brain function, laying the groundwork for advancing treatments for nervous system disorders or traumatic brain injury, and for generating brain-inspired "smart" technologies to meet future societal needs..."

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Joint DMS/NIGMS Initiative to Support Research at the Interface of the Biological and Mathematical Sciences


NSF/FDA Scholar-In-Residence at FDA

Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience  (CRCNS)

Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems  (NCS)