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Attention Mini-Course Week #5 - Professors & Students Invited

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The graduate students would like to invite you to the 5th week of their Attention Mini-Course on October 11th. In this discussion, students will summarize the following papers and ask you any unanswered questions that have come up in their discussions.


We understand some of you may be unavailable at this time, but please attend if you are free!


Week # 1: Feature Integration Theory: Treisman AM, Gelade G. A feature-integration theory of attention. Cogn Psychol. 1980 Jan;12(1):97-136.


Week #2: Guided Search: Wolfe, J.M. (1994) Guided Search 2.0: A Revised Model of Visual Search. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 1(2): 202-2


Week #3: Covert attention: Posner MI, Snyder CR, Davidson BJ. Attention and the detection of signals. J Exp Psychol. 1980 Jun;109(2):160-


Week #4: Attentional Tracking 1: Pylyshyn ZW, Storm RW. Tracking multiple independent targets: evidence for a parallel tracking mechanism. Spat Vis. 1988;3(3):179-9


Week #5: Recap and questions with Professors